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10 July, 2023
Think Latitude and Startup Tulsa Foundation Partner to Create New Hub for Entrepreneurs in Tulsa

7 July, 2023

Think Latitude establishes a new entrepreneurial foundation to expand access to resources in Tulsa.

16 May, 2023

Misha Shah, COO of Think Latitude shares what’s next in school safety technology

14 May, 2023

Misha Shah, CEO of Think Latitude secures funding from Tusla Idea Challenge to revolutionize school safety technology.

12 May, 2023
Misha Shah, COO of Think Latitude, wins first ever Tulsa Idea Challenge.  Read her story here.

10 May, 2023
Misha Shah, COO of Think Latitude, joins  CW News on 6 to talk about her success in winning the Tulsa Idea Challenge.

9 september, 2020

Think Latitude completes the Beta program and officially launches the Enterprise apps on MobiCard as it rolls out to the public on Google Play and the Apple App stores.

10 August, 2020
Think Latitude starts a new phase of Beta testing for the Mobicard applications.  This allows users to provide end-user feedback for future phases.

8 July, 2020
Think Latitude completes Apple Authentication with biometrics login, for their proprietary mobile business card apps.

30 January, 2020
Think Latitude officially submitted their app to the Apple App Store, completing their final submission phase for the MobiCard applications.

7 December, 2019

Think Latitude writes and adheres to the patent for MobiCard by establishing key components to gain ultimate rights. Their involvement in the patent process was instrumental in providing a competitive edge in the world of business cards and sharing analytics on mobile phones.

11 november, 2019

Think Latitude receives partial payment to expedite the offical launch of their MobiCard software application into the App Stores. Think Latitude’s development team is ensuring that all stability issues and fixes are stable in order to go through the audit process with Apple and Google successfully.

4 April, 2019

Think Latitude agrees to commence software development of the mobile application and web application for MobiCard. This was contingent upon MobiCard’s Code2Action settlement completion.

3 December, 2018

Think Latitude has concluded negotiations with MobiCard Inc., reached an agreement for the development of phase 1.0


4 November, 2018

Business Excellence Award for Entrepreneurial Consulting – Illinois & Start-Up Business Accelerator of the Year 2018 – US by Acquisition International


26 April, 2018

Going against the grain is not always the path that most take.  Join Think Latitude, a unique concept led by co-founders Misha and Andy, as they share the perseverance, strong work ethic, education and experience, and appetite to fully help their fellow entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

15 November, 2017

When you need to start a new business and don’t know how, this is the company to call.  CNBC recommends Think Latitude as the top trending startup to help small businesses.


13 November, 2017

Think Latitude makes their debut on television through CNBC. Clients can get an in-depth look into their technology incubator and what to expect working with a highly successful startup.