About Us

Our method of taking ideas and creating extensive design mockups (aka ‘wireframing’) allow us to build an effective prototype for our clients.  This process allows us to create a minimum viable product (MVP) which allows our customers to have a working build of their concepts in their hand at a fraction of the cost of the full build.  This is advantageous to our clients for several reasons including: cost, proof of concept, and investor relations.

Once our clients are satisfied with their prototypes, it allows them to gain investor based funding in order to come back to us for a complete build.  We also offer a full service catalog in helping our clients connect with some of the top investors in the world.

We can’t wait to create your vision!

Think Latitude Team!


Our mission is to build the best products with advanced technologies and provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to release their true potential.


To empower our clients with a holistic approach to their business through development, consulting, and investments.


Our core values as a business are integrity, accountability, respect, community, and cohesion. These attributes combine to develop the foundation of our existence.