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Think Latitude is your one-stop shop to help get your business to succeed in every facet.

Startup Consulting

Do you have an application or idea and need consulting? Do you need help with understanding how to incorporate or file a patent? Are you looking to get an investment for your company? Let us walk you through these steps. Our team thrives in helping startups succeed with over 20 years of experience. Startups are our passion, and we love to work with them in any stage, whether you are just getting started or hit a roadblock and need consulting, just reach out and we can guide you today.

Application Development

We develop your applications using a unique process called wireframing and prototyping. Wireframing allows us to develop a design for your application that translates from your thoughts to a computerized model of what your application will visually look like and where all the buttons will be. From there, we take your wireframe and develop a working prototype, also known as the minimum viable product (MVP) which is a working demo that you can take to investors or launch out to gain a user base.

Web Development

Our experts know how crucial it is for you to have a virtual face to your business which is why we specialize in web development. From design to programming, let our team guide you in creating your custom graphics, website, and e-mail addresses that cater to your business needs. We handle all the background work including web hosting, database creation, domain registration, and implementation so all you have to do is let us know what website or web application you envision and we make it a reality.

Investment Funding

Having the app you envision is only half the battle. Once our business team works with you to generate revenue from your MVP, we can start looking at long term strategy for a full scale application. Our goal is to get you connected with the right investor through developing a business plan, pitch, and funding campaign to prepare you to succeed in obtaining the funding you need. Our extensive network of investors work with us closely to connect with our recommended entrepreneurs.

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